Thermal Building Inspection

One of our clients is looking at ways to improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of their real estate portfolio. For this reason, Skeye was asked to perform a thermal inspection on their head office in the Netherlands.

Purpose of the thermal inspection was to find hot- and cold spots, water increase and other anomalies indicating above average energy loss due to different reasons.

For optimum conditions the pilot was planned and executed during cold conditions in February. This ensured the favourable differences between in- and outside temperature resulting in a delta T between 15 and 20 Celsius.

The inspection was executed by a two men Skeye team, consisting of a certified RPA-L drone pilot and a certified level 1 thermographic inspector, with one of Skeye’s Zenith ATX8 uav’s equipped with a calibrated thermal camera. Within two days all facades and roofs of the building were inspected and documented in fully radiometric images in 640 x 512 resolution. These images were doubled by a RGB image for identification and recognition purposes later in the reporting process.

A qualitative report on anomalies was made by our level-1 thermographic inspector and presented to our client in person. The result was a well-documented report with anomalies that qualified for further investigation. Together with the report our client received all thermal data that was collected during the inspection.

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