3D Model Norwich Castle

Skeye has created an entire 3d model of Norwich’s most famous landmark, Norwich castle, which was built over 900 years ago by the Normans. The 3D model was created through an aerial survey which Skeye could perform because of its permit for congested areas as issued to Skeye by the UK civil aviation authority. The permit for congested areas allows Skeye to operate in dense urban areas under special conditions.

3D Static Laser Scanner

The entire castle has been scanned using a 3D static laser scanner. Some parts of the castle, such as the roofs, were hard to reach with the scanner and the survey was completed using photogrammetric techniques from aerial images using a drone.

Norwich Castle Keep Program

The aerial survey was as the final phase of work on the metric survey of the castle and part of the keep project. The castle keep program is a four-year project that will transform the inside of the historic Castle Keep back to how it appeared when it was built under the great Norman kings.

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